ThirdEye Risk Consulting

Why Third Eye Consulting?

The safety & security expert consultants of ThirdEye are devoted to delivering safety & security consultancy solutions and security advice to industry, governments and commerce.

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What we do?

Third Eye Consulting offers independent, practical and high quality services underpinned by real business experience.We provide specialist risk management expertise across the full security spectrum.

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About Lead Consultant

Md. Nurul Mannan Choudhury is a visionary security professional of Bangladesh who has vast experience of working with a number of government and private organisation.

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We are devoted to deliver safety and security consultancy and advice to any type of organization.

About Third Eye

As an independent security consulting firm, ThirdEye is not affiliated with any manufacturer or vendor of security equipment, nor do we profit in any way from a client's selection of vendors or contractors. Our primary objective is to help our clients through our assessments and advice attain maximum protection for their assets while gaining the highest value and benefit from their security resources.

ThirdEye conducts itself with integrity, adheres to the highest professional standards and is always responsive to our clients. We adhere to the Codes of Conduct and Ethics of the American Society for Industrial Security, International (ASIS -

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