ThirdEye Risk Consulting


About Us

Our Consultant

Md. Nurul M Choudhury
Lead Consultant

Mr. George Smith
Overseas co-ordinator

Mohammed Obaidul Haque
Safety Consultant

M.A. Hasnat Khan
Garments Compliance & Supply Chain Security Consultant

Engineer Al Mamun
Building Design Consultant

Major (Retd) Md. Salahuddin
Security Consultant

ThirdEye is the brain child of Mr. Nurul M Choudhury MBA, CPP who is one of the leading security professionals of the country. In Bangladesh private security industry is mostly limited to provide protective services. Usually people did not realize much about the need of security advices till some major industrial disasters in recent days. As such in our country no risk management consulting firm has yet established with proper resources persons. Realizing the need, Mr. Choudhury connected some knowledgeable security specialists who were working in various organizations and provided them a platform to work together for the greater interest of the industrial security of the country. Consultants of ThirdEye are not the direct employees of ThirdEye, it is rather a forum of independent security professionals to utilize their knowledge and experience under one umbrella where Mr. Choudhury is the playing the pivotal role to master all resource persons to provide necessary safety and security advices for the client of ThirdEye.

Our Vision

The private security industry of Bangladesh is basically developing on only manned guarding. The need for a knowledge based approach for risk assessment, security survey, safety survey, developing policy and procedure etc are yet to be realized by the clients. Very few security professionals are perusing study on security management. Guard companies are trying to fulfill the need of risk consulting with their limited resources. Basing on the reality I have convinced some real good professionals to work as independent consultants under the umbrella of ThirdEye.

I am confident that ThirdEye will work as the most professional risk consulting firm basing on knowledge and experience of our consultants. We have the vision to extend our activity in gulf countries and south East Asian region.